Show Six

IRC turns 30 this week, states won’t let Defense Distributed win despite federal settlement, North Korean hackers hit cryptocurrency exchange, internet users win copyright war at supreme court in Denmark, new Mastodon feed, and GOG’s anti-DRM portal FCKDRM.

Show Five

Debian turns 25, new release of Thunderbird: v60, new flaw in 4.9 kernel enables DoS attack, Cody Wilson’s win at the federal level on DIY guns and new attack by various states, Facebook, Newegg, and patents.

Show Four

Show Topics: Slackware turns 25, New York stop & frisk update, Mass tolls, wire transfers to be taxed in Georgia,  Chinese authorities use new technology to test sewage for drug use, judge declares linking illegal, domain fronting, entertainment industry makes threats against politicians and democracy…

Show Three

Show Topics: Malware Found in Arch, Half of ICOs Die within Months, PayPal Tells Customer Death is a Breech of Terms, Trump’s Supreme Court Pick Thinks ISPs Have a 1st Amendment Right To Censor the Internet, Demonstration of How to Setup PenguinVPN on Parabola GNU/Linux-libre…

Show Two

Kim Dotcom Loses Extradition Appeal and Will Take Case to Supreme Court, Usenet Provider Can Be Held Liable for Pirating Users, EU Parliament Puts ‘Upload Filters’ on Hold for now, will UK get FOSTA SESTA-style sex censorship law?, Facebook Apologizes For Declaring Independence As Hate…

Show One

Topics: Linux Mint, What is Freedom Decrypted?, warrants for cell phone data, interview with Patrick on mesh neworking project, Forkfest, Porcfest, the end of the road for Ross Ulbrick.  

Show Zero

We streamed our first live (unofficial) show tonight! We anticipate working out the kinks as time progresses. Overall I think the show came out well. We don’t have an official start date for the show yet- but if I had to guess our first show…