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  1. Hey Chris,

    I wanted to let you know there is a problem with the ogg podcast feed. The pubDate is wrong for all of the entries, as the release on 6/12 has a pubDate of 11/5 and the release on 11/3 has a pubDate of 10/23.

    This causes my RSS reader to download the first episode as the newest episode and it never downloads the actual latest episode.

    Let me know when you’ve fixed it and I’ll check it out again, thanks!

  2. Thanks for alerting us to the problem. I fixed the issue so everything should be good now. Or at least to the extent that new shows will appear at the top. That was an error in the code. It was not creating the rss feed based on the time stamps on the files.

    Part of the problem that you will still see still though is the time stamps are wrong on some of the files so only the latest episodes will be correct and at the top in proper order. The dates the shows have been recorded and uploaded might be off by a day or two simply because they weren’t uploaded on the same date the show was recorded/aired.

    I don’t believe that this is a major problem, but if it is I can fix the time stamps as well. Just speak up. I mainly just don’t feel like fixing it right now. Life is too short to be worrying about the small stuff.

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