Show Twenty Five

Facebook Ordered To Stop Combining WhatsApp and Instagram Data Without Consent in Germany :: LibreOffice 6.2 Brings New Interfaces, Performance Improvements To the Open Source Office Suite :: Zcash Counterfeiting Vulnerability Successfully Remediated :: GTA V Cheat Maker Has to Pay $150,000 in Copyright Damages :: Argentina: Bitcoin Now Accepted for Public Transport in 37 Cities :: NYPD To Google: Stop Revealing Location Of DWI Checkpoints :: Article 13 Moves Forward With French-German Deal :: Highest Court in Indiana Set to Decide If You Can Be Forced to Unlock :: Hacker Who Stole $5 Million By SIM Swapping Gets 10 Years in Prison :: Bitcoin-for-Taxes Bill in NH Unanimously Approved by House Subcommittee :: Schools Are Locking Students’ Phones Away to Help With Concentration :: Criminals Are Tapping into the Phone Network Backbone to Empty Bank Accounts :: Prisons Across the U.S. Are Quietly Building Databases of Incarcerated People’s Voice Prints :: Canada’s Bell Tried To Have VPNs Banned During NAFTA Negotiations :: Binance Users Can Now Pay for Crypto With Credit Cards :: Apple will reportedly store Russian user data locally, possibly decrypt on request :: One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Working With The FBI  :: HOSTS – Chris

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