Show Twenty Eight

Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS released :: Has No Real Ties to Switzerland, Criminal Investigation Shows :: Russia limits operations of foreign communications satellite operators :: Facebook, Twitter, and Google still aren’t doing enough about disinformation, EU says :: YouTube Will Disable Comments on Nearly All Videos With Kids :: Pirate Site Blocking Rejected By Swiss Supreme Court  :: Cryptocurrency wallet caught sending user passwords to Google’s spellchecker :: Gab wants to add a comments section to everything on the internet :: TikTok to Pay Record $5.7 Million FTC Fine for Violating Children’s Privacy Law :: Police in Canada Are Tracking People’s ‘Negative’ Behavior In a ‘Risk’ Database :: Trump delays more tariffs on China in hopes of a trade deal breakthrough :: Judge says Washington state cyberstalking law violates free speech :: FastMail loses customers, faces calls to move over anti-encryption laws :: Teksavvy Wins Appeal in Defense of Accused ‘Pirating’ Subscribers :: PayPal US Consumer Account Changes Will Require Separate PayPal Cash Balance Account :: Scribd Files Complaint Against DRM Circumvention Tool :: HOSTS – Chris

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