Show Thirty Nine

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted weekly tech show for prickly people. In the News: India to start jailing cryptocurrency users? :: Police coercing passwords by threatening violence and jail time for invoking right to not self-incriminate ::  Handshake revolutionizing the DNS system through decentralization and the blockchain :: Bowing to lefties, YouTube attacks conservatives and starts suspending accounts :: Ubuntu MATE 19.10 Is Ditching VLC for GNOME MPV :: Backdoor found in four smartphone models; 20,000 users infected :: Apple Continues Attack on Independent Repair Shops :: Model aircraft pilots angry over dumb drone laws :: Russia To Begin Blocking Major VPNs :: RIAA Has Sights On YouTube Ripping Platforms :: Cryptocurrency company hacks its users wallets to save customers from cryptocurrency hackers :: Terminating Subscribers Doesn’t Stop Pirates, Charter Argues in Defense of Copyright Cartel Lawsuit :: YouTube Begin Suspending Accounts of Those With “Extreme Views” :: Is Russia about to start jailing LGBT Tinder Users? Says must share user data :: YouTube Bans Kids From Live-Streaming :: FBI has 640M photographs including state drivers license photos w/o permission from drivers :: Local Bitcoin’s Core Business Gets Shutdown & takes over defying US regulators :: US demands social media info from visa applicants :: Six more devices from ThinkPenguin, Inc. now FSF-certified to Respect Your Freedom :: Facebook Is Already Working Towards Germany’s End-to-End Encryption Backdoor Vision :: First NLNet Grant Approved to Fund Development of EOMA68 related Risc V SoC :: Google demonstrates why self-hosting is best after large outage :: Assange won’t face charges over role in devastating CIA leak (probably because death penalty would prevent extradition from UK) :: Ex-SEC Crime Czar Calls Bitcoin Terrorist Playground :: Sigil Doom Episode Has Finally Launched & How To Play on GNU/Linux :: The Dangers of Cashless Tolling :: YouTube-Rippers Infringe Copyright on “Industrial Scale” Says Judge :: Russian military moves closer to replacing Windows with Astra Linux :: Germany to ban End-to-End Encryption? :: HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin


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