Show Forty One

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. In the News: Microsoft Deletes Customers eBook Libraries :: Bitcoin Volatility Scare Mongering :: Socialist News Outlet Becomes Thought Police: Outraged Over Deekfake App de-clotheing Women :: Debian Trying Too Hard: Adopts LGBT Logo Calling it Diversity :: Does Trump Want to Ban Encryption? Round Two Of The Encryption Wars ::  Hypocritical US Hacks Russian Companies While Persecuting Hackers At Home & Abroad :: Copyright Troll Gets 14 Years Pt 2 :: New Zealand Mosque Shooting Used As Excuse To Exterminate Free Speech In NZ :: Cities Paying Criminals After Ransomware Due to Shotty Security :: Facebook Gives Into French Gov & Hands Over Data To Persecute Those With Differing Opinions :: US Gov Thinks More Laws Will Magically Stop Robocalls That Are Already Illegal ::  The Copyright Cartel Demand New Law To Censor Speech Before Publications :: US Gov Demands Fedex Do What Its Own Customs Agents Can’t Possibly Do Despite Fewer Resources :: Linus is Back: Calls Bullshit On Bullshitter? :: Linking Site Found Not Guilty! :: Another Company to Boycott: Delta To Adopt Facial Recognition :: Canonical Backpedals On Removing 32-Bit Support :: Despite Utter Failure To Protect Users UK Continues to Attack Companies With GDPR :: Copyright Cartel Shuts Down Stream Ripping Site Convert2mp3  :: Even Companies On The Right Side of The Law Lose To Copyright Cartel : VidAngel & Mixstep


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