Show Forty Seven

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Nobody (Yea, that is really his name). Show topics: OpenPower Moves to Linux Foundation :: Proof Terrorists Use Bitcoin Finally Arrives (a mere $2,000 raised) ! :: Court Refuses to Crucify 14 Year Old Cheater Over Iffy Copyright Infringement Claims :: Blender 2.8 Released :: KDE Autorun Like Security Issue :: NC Sues Vape Shops for “Marketing” to Kids :: ISP RCN Sued By Music Cartels for Providing Too Fast Internet :: Linux Turns 28 :: Australia to Suspend Free Speech During Next Crisis :: Trade War Between US and France Over? :: ISP Sued By Copyright Cartel in Refusal to Suspend Hotels Internet Over Pirating Guests :: Leaked Memos Reveal Lying Prosecutors in Backpage Persecution :: Hong Kong Activists Learn Important Lesson: Telegram & Other Messaging Systems Not Really That Secure :: YouTube to Start Removing Violent Videos Because Kids :: Copyright Cartels Target Internet Archive in Russia :: Co-host and Crypto Advocate “Nobody” Runs for Mayor of Keene :: US Gov Thinks Blacklisting Bitcoin Address Will Stop Drug Dealer

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