Show Fifty

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Nobody (Yea, that is really his name). Show topics: Update on the Lefts Attack on Richard Stallman & His Resignation (and how GNU’s rewriting RMS out of its history) :: Copyright Cartel Abuses Legal System to Bankrupt FOSS Founder Adam Lackman’s Kodi TVADDONS Repository :: California Brings the GDPR to America and Continues Attack on Free Software Projects & Small Companies :: Steam’s Ban On Resale Of Used Games Declared Illegal In Europe :: FBI Secret Gag Orders Far Worse Than Anyone Thought :: Software Freedom Conservancy Asks Trademark Office To Protect Applicant’s Privacy :: FBI Attempted to Force Backdoor of ‘Privacy’ Phone :: Copyright Cartel Targets Major Retailers for ‘prompting piracy’ Despite Sale Of Entirely Legal Devices :: TekSavvy Protests Copyright Cartel’s Attempt to Force Censorship On Customers :: Copyright Situation in Switzerland Getting Worse Despite Cartel Not Getting What it Wants :: EasyDNS Defends Freedom & Refuses to Reveal Owner of Domain :: New Router Vulnerabilities Discovered :: US Goes After Profits From New Snowden Book

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