Show Fifty Two

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Nobody (Yea, that is really his name). Show topics: CentOS Becomes Integral Part Of Red Hat’s Future Plans :: US & UK Sign Pact To Bypass Constitutional Protections Against Unreasonable Searches Of Online Data :: Law Firm Files Class Action Likening Video Game Fortnite To Cocaine Addition :: Hong Kong Bans Face Paint & Masks Used By Protesters Trying To Hinder Abuse By Facial Recognition Tech Enabled Police ::  French Government Cracks Down On The Free Internet Claiming It’s “Gross Negligence” :: Even Trump Gets Censored By Copyright Cartel :: Apple Thinks Freedom Should Be Illegal :: French To Institute National Face Recognition ID Program Against The Will Of Its Citizens :: Stack Exchange Punishes Volunteer For Violating Yet To Exist Policies ::  End-To-End Encryption No More Says Government :: EU Court Thinks It Owns The Word Claiming Worldwide Censorship Powers :: Dutch Police Attack Hosting Provider For Crimes Of Some Customers :: US Government Expands Program To DNA Test Over Crimes No Worse Than A Parking Ticket :: Hypocritical Copyright Cart Lashes Out At Foreign Governments & Telegram While Not Using US Law To Hit US Assets :: US Treasury Seize Innocent Companies Property Over Unrelated Business With Russian Troll Farm :: Oracle & Trump Admin Misconstrue Nature Of Google API Copyright Appeal To Supreme Court Calling It Settled Law :: PayPal Attacks BitChute Killing Account :: eBay to Force Tax Collection On Sellers :: Facebook Blocks Pirate Bay Links :: Congressmen Attack DNS Encryption Over Nonsensical Claims Of Protecting Children :: Facebook Attacks TorrentFreak Over Fair Use Meme :: No, The FSF Did Not Attack RMS’s Personal Web Site :: Mozilla Won’t Protect Users In UK With DNS Encryption Over Concerns Of Child Safty :: ebook.Bike Piracy Lawsuit Cites DMCA & Unusual Religious Defense :: WhatsApp Forced To Share Messages With UK Police


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