Show Fifty Six

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris. Host Gets Arrested For Filming Cops Conclusion :: Federal Court Rules: You DO Have Rights At The Border :: IRS Identifies Crypto-“criminals” :: Blueprints Of 3D Printed Guns Banned Again :: Unreal Demands Made By FTC Over Advertising, Kids, & YouTube Channels :: NYPD Breaks The Law: Maintains Fingerprints On Juveniles :: PayPal & Governments Continued Attack On Sex Industry :: Show topics: .org Registry Sold To For-Profit :: Supreme Court Takes Up Oracle vs Google Case Involving Copyright Of APIs :: Non-KYC Decentralized Marketplaces to Buy Crypto :: IRS Targeting Crypto Vending Machines :: Andrew Yang Wants To Bring Communism To America :: Canadian Court Rejects Attempt to Bring Reverse Class Action Against BitTorrent Users :: Court Punishes Copyright Troll :: Does Microsoft Love Child Porn? Doesn’t Utilize Tools It Creates To Censor Kiddie Porn :: Copyright Cartels Try to Undermine Cox’s Legitimate Defense

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