Show Sixty

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. US Governments #1 OS: GNU/Linux :: Disney “Fixes” DRM Issue: Now Works on GNU/Linux :: NH Asks: Is Getting Rid of Drivers Licenses Really That Radical an Idea? :: Defense Distributed Releases 3D Print Plans for F-35 :: Cox Found Guilty of ‘harboring’ Music Pirates: Now Owes Copyright Cartels $1 Billion :: Gov Thinks Increasing Fines Already So High No One Can Pay Will Stop Robocalls :: UK To Regulate Big Tech :: Europe’s Ban Tesla & Tech: Auto Pilot Neutered :: Petty Feds Get Court Ruling to Steal Edward Snowden’s Book Money :: Best Investment Of the Decade: Bitcoin? :: European Central Bank Thinks It Can Stop Real Crypto via Fraud & Violence :: Government Hand ISP Free Money (AGAIN!) :: ActiveX Is Back (sort of) :: Military Says Gov Is Wrong To Undermine Encryption :: Google: Overbroad Warrant Resulted in Thousands of Illegal Searches :: Apple: Is DeCSS Style Censorship Back? :: Facebook Stands Up to Attorney General: Refuses To Backdoor Encryption :: Greek Socialism To Further Undermine Itself: Plans to Steal 20% Of Income If Greeks Don’t Spend 30% Electronically :: Perverted Gov and School Officials Are Spying On Kids Claiming It’s Necessary to Prevent Shootings Despite No Evidence

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