Show Sixty Four

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. FBI arrests “crying” NAZI Christopher Cantwell, a former Freedom Decrypted interviewee whose been censored and persecuted for controversial views :: Glenn Greenwald persecution continues in Brazil :: Julian Assanage to be denied first amendment protections if extradited :: Bill to exempt small crypto transactions from capital gains taxes :: NH governor candidate “Nobody” speaks out in favor of full legalization and growing of cannabis :: NY wants to ban government agencies from paying ransomware demands :: DNA Collection at the Border Threatens the Privacy of All Americans :: FCC shuts NY out of broadband fund :: Socialists demand technology ban for workers sake :: Seattle introduced cell phone voting machines :: Twitter upset its site is being scraped by facial recognition tech company :: India demanding all apps be backdoor’d via new intermediary liability law :: US is able to crack cell phones despite claims to the contrary (NY has $10 million lab for it even) :: Trade war coming to an end? Maybe with France? :: Nanny state England  demands laws to restrict kids from gambling for “mental health” :: Bill to to permit 2 hour detainment for invoking free speech rights :: HP didn’t remotely disable printer despite misleading claims :: What tracking can and can’t tell cops about where you’ve been :: Crypto enables neo nazis to skirt censorship

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