Show Sixty Nine

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Canada To Require Content Creation License :: 2/3 Of Registered Sex Offenders Are Little More Than Mothers Demanding Equality Of The Sexes :: Christopher Cantwell Loses Bail Hearing: If You Don’t Defend The Rights Of White Supremacists You Lose Them Yourself :: EARN IT: A New Direct Attack On End-To-End Encryption :: Court Rules Copyright Cartel Needs More Than An IP Address :: Monero Crypto Vending Machines Now In New Hampshire :: NY Demands Crypto Businesses Submit Coronavirus Preparedness Plan :: Want Out Of Prison? Just Attempt Suicide: Judge Releases Chelsea Manning :: Graham-Blumenthal Bill : Give US A Backdoor Or ELSE! :: Coronavirus Hits Bitcoin : Down 30% :: Dangers Of Government : India Uses Mass Facial Recognition To Identify & Prosecute Individuals :: SOAPA 2.0: Pirate Site Blocking Back In USA? :: Is Right To Repair Just An Excuse To Use Violence To Achieve Social Or Environmental Objectives? :: US Congressman Wants To Regulate Crypto :: Hacking Victim Refuses To Take Responsibility For Her Own Mistakes And Demands Pornhub Be Shut Down :: Jehovah Group Abuses DMCA To Attack Political Opponent After Winning Fair Use Claim :: Trend: Governments Raiding Journalists Homes In Retaliation For Making Police Look Bad :: Facebook Undermining Free Speech By Using Courts To Unmask ‘Hacker’ :: Conferences Being Canceled Left & Right :: India Lifts Ban On Crypto :: FBI Consider White Supremacists Equal To ISIS :: Homeland Security Getting Bigger Budget To Attack Crypto Users :: NSA’s $100 Million Mass Surveillance Program Nets Only One Major Investigation


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