Show Seventy Eight

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Did Huawei Try & Sneak A Backdoor Into Linux? :: France Attacks Democracy: Passes Law Mandating Internet Censorship With As Little As 1 Hour Response Time :: US Senate Passes Bill Violating Human Rights: OKs Surveillance & Web Snooping :: Brazil Says Just Talking About IPTV Piracy A Crime :: Belkin To Brick Cloud Connected Webcams :: More EU Insanity: Mandatory Consent Walls EU Forces On Businesses Ruled Illegal :: MPA Suggests Github Liable For Hosting Popcorn Suggesting Firefox & PCs Are Also Illegal :: Despite Canadians Refusing To Pass Censorship Bill Copyright Cartels Sneak Pirate Site Blockades In VIA Courts :: Vice, Doxing & Anti-Supremacist Hypocrisy ::  Double Standard: U.S. Marshals Service Breach Exposed Personal Data of 387,000 Prisoners :: Security Just Got Complicated: Power Supplies Can Be Used To Exfiltrate User Data On Air Gaped PCs :: GPS Not Permitted In Google & Apple Approved Contract Tracing Apps :: US Government Blacklists Wrong Domain & The Dangers Of Censorship :: Charter Must Share Personal Data With Copyright Cartels :: Has Crypto Platform Enabling Bitcoin Payments For Amazon Purchases Gone Bankrupt? Update :: Copyright Cartel Isn’t Happy With Court Ruling Russian Outside Its Jurisdiction : Appeal YouTube Ripper Case

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