Show Ninety Three

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Duke Leto. HUSH Gets Kicked From CoinEX Cryptocurrency Exchange For Protecting User’s Privacy :: HUSH Developer & Bitcoin Core Contributor Duke Leto Gets Banned From Twitter :: The Financial Regulatory Shit Show That Is Costing Everyone Money :: Komodo DDOS Attack On HUSH :: Acquiring HUSH And ‘Know Your Hash’ Coming Soon :: NSA vs Everybody And How Security Is Actually More Complicated Than It Seems: Nobody Is Ever Secure, But Rather Security Is About Not Being the Weakest And Slowest Animal In The Herd.

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One Review

  1. Very disappointed with the guest.

    He didn’t let you finish a sentence and was being kind of obtuse with most of the things you said.

    Very rude.

    On a side note, I wish he would have mentioned the trusted setup required by any coin based on Zcash.

    “Hush has a trusted setup that follows the same setup provided by the Zcash team. The team does not have any keys to create coins arbitrarily.”

    “Because Zcash has the ability to hide the information in transactions using Zero-Knowledge proofs, the lead-up to the Genesis block also requires an additional ceremony that creates the parameters for the Zero-Knowledge Proving System. This additional step is what’s commonly known as the “Trusted Setup”. And the reason that this setup is called the “Trusted Setup” is because you have to trust that whoever generated those keys destroyed them when they were done.”

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