Show Ninety Five

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. Law Enforcement Buffoons Think “major” Darknet Attack A Success While Netting Less Than 200 People. TorrentFreak Discovers DuckDuckGo’s Censoring Some Sites :: Bitcoin Censorship :: Dangers And Absurdities Of Colleges & Exam Monitoring Software :: Copyright Cartels Target Infrastructure Companies :: Iran Adopts Bitcoin For International Trade :: EU’s Plan To Undermine Encryption Revealed :: EFF Looks At YouTube-DL Censorship :: Judge In Backpage Cased Biased, But Won’t Recuse Herself From Case :: Facial Recognition Software Used In Mostly Non-Violent Minor Crimes Despite Fear & Propaganda :: Fuck The Police Satanic Anarchist In Keene Wins Republican Nomination For Sheriff :: Belarus & Other Countries Tech Censorship Systems The Result Of 1990s US Law Mandating Backdoor Access To Telco Equipment :: TuneIn’s Lists Of Radio Stations Illegal In UK Because Some Might Be Unlicensed For Streaming In The UK Insanity :: Dutch Government Found Not Liable For Encouraging Piracy :: Upload Filter Law Passed In EU: Now They’re Implementing Censorship Laws All Over EU :: Shocking Court Case: Embedding Content Not Illegal In EU :: Dumb Police Order Users To Stop Using IPTV Service They’ve Already Shutdown Claiming It’s Somehow Fraud :: Tennessee Oppressing Minorities By Turning Protesters Into Felons & Taking Away Their Voting Rights :: First Crypto Bank Emerges In Wyoming :: Bill To Tear Town PACER Paywall Introduced :: Iran Can Bypass Encrypted Cell Phone Apps & So Can US Government :: Victoria To Arrest People Merely Based On A Belief They *MIGHT* Violate Covid Lockdown :: YouTube Censors Educational Freedom Decrypted Video :: Russia, China, And The UK Directly Or Indirectly Ban Secure Protocols :: US Expands Collection Of Biometric Info On Immigrants


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