Show One Hundred And Thirteen

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris, Bonnie, and Jason. Tuesday’s FBI Raid Of Free Talk Live, The Bitcoin Embassy In Keene, Mighty Moose Mart, And Dozens Of Homes & Properties. If You Thought The Government Wasn’t Out To Get You Tuesdays’s 6AM Raid Will Make You Think Again :: Discussion With Ian Freeman’s Girlfriend Bonnie And Her Experience With Being Raided :: The Government Hates Bitcoin, But They Hate Peaceful Freedom Activists Even More :: Jason’s 12 1/2 Year Ordeal With The Federal Prison System And It’s Relation To The Ed & Elaine Brown Anti-Tax Advocate Case :: Today’s Protest Of City Of Keene Police For Participating In TheCrypto6 Raid (More Video Coming Next Week).

Alternatively to watching the show you can listen to our MP3 or OGG Audio RSS Podcast Feed! Though This Is Not A Good Week To Listen. Watch The Show For Amazing Coverage Of The FBI Raid Of Free Talk Live In Keene, NH



Smaller VP9 Encoded Version Of The Show:


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