Show One Hundred And Twenty Three

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. IMF Angry Over El Salvador Adoption Of Bitcoin As Official Currency :: Some Bankers Want To Cut Off Businesses From The Financial System That Accept Cryptocurrencies :: US Doesn’t Just Torture Terrorists: Ross Ulbricht Thrown In Hole Over Speech Given To Bitcoin Miami Conference Goers :: Unmasking Third Parties Selling On Amazon And Other Platforms May Not Be The Best Move For Consumers :: China Cracks Down On Crypto Again! Calls It Money Laundering And Arrests 1,100 For Effectively Using Crypto :: The Dangers Of License Plates & Drivers Licenses: Digital Recognition Network Secretly Records Billions Of License Plates To Track You ::  Copyright Cartel Sues ISP Frontier For ‘Failing’ To Disconnect Thousands Accused Of Piracy :: Indian Government Far Worse Than US In Censoring Critics :: Verizon Begins Pirate Blockade In US? :: The Problem Of Proprietary Software: 800+ Suspects Arrested In Massive Sting Via ‘Secure’ Yet Actually Malicious Government Created Chat App :: Co-host Aria Comments On Free Talk Live Raid :: Carriers To Share Vertical Call Data For 911 Service :: Colonial Pipeline Wasn’t Actually Hacked: Poor Security Resulted In Compromised Password Being Utilized :: Justice Department Demands Records / IP Address Info On Readers In Attack On Freedom


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