Show One Hundred And Twenty Four

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. FBI Sells Pixel Phones With Government Backdoor To ‘Criminals’ And Undoubtedly Other Innocent Victims :: Security Of A Nation And The Difficulty Of Setting Up Self-Sufficient Supply Chains Involving The Most Advanced Technology :: Court Orders Stream Rippers To Manufacture Evidence Despite It Not Being Legal :: $3.6 Billion Dollars Vanish As African Brothers Flee :: Dangers Of the Cloud: You Thought You Owned That Treadmill? Think Again: Bait And Switch Scam Leads To $40 / Month Charge Of Unsuspecting Victims :: El Salvador Government Adopts Bitcoin As Official Currency & Gives Every Citizen $30 Of BTC :: The Dangers Of Governments Treating All Young People As Immature And A Failure Of Society At Large To Respect Everyone’s Human Rights Equally: First Amendment Speech Case Involving Out Of School Speech :: Most Significant News Of The GNU/Linux Decade: CentOS 8 Gets Replaced By Rocky Linux 8.4 After Substantial User Backlash :: UK Government Hates You And Funnels Money To A Select Elite: UK Shuts Binance & 90% Of Businesses Out Of Financial Market :: The Dangers Of Making Companies Liable For The Behavior Of Others Of Whom They Don’t Control: Facebook To Be Held Liable For The Actions Of Sex Traffickers :: Would Sell Out Your Privacy For A Few Bucks? Sam Altman Wants to Scan Your Eyeball in Exchange for Cryptocurrency :: Something Good From John McAfee’s Death? Government Troubled In Asset Forfeiture Case :: While VPN Providers Can Offer Some Amount Of Protection You Shouldn’t Assume They’re Telling You The Truth About Logging: DoubleVPN Logs Seized By Law Enforcement

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  1. El Salvador is using custodial Lightning wallets which keeps the fees very low. The custodial wallets are interoperability because of the lightning protocol which they all use.

    Some lightning wallets will be hosted by the government, Strike, and local communities. Some people will use non custodial Lightning with their own setup.

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