Show One Hundred And Thirty

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. YouTube Censors NH Libertarians Reporting Of A Concord Nurse Protest :: Crypto6’s Mr Nobody Still Not Released, But There Are A Few Semi Speculative Updates On The Conditions Of Bail :: Leaked Apple Documents Reveal Company Designed Platform For Predators :: Geofence Warrants Make Up One Quarter Of All US LE Demands :: Coinbase Investing In Its Own Product :: Apple’s Device Surveillance Plan Is Threat To Press Freedom :: Facial Recognition Is A Danger To Democrat Values :: Shockingly OnlyFans Wasn’t Baring Sexually Explicit Content And Now Is :: 3G Networks Ordered To Shut Down Yet T-Mobile Also Being Targeted For Shutting Down 3G Network :: Copyright Cartels Are Pressuring Telegram To Implement Greater Censorship Filter :: Copyright Cartels Are Demanding RCN & Others Implement Censorship Filters To Block Pirate Sites :: Facebook Wants Shot At Cryptocurrency Payments Sphere :: Government Finally Admits Zoom Is A Threat To User Privacy – Yet Most Governments Won’t Stop Forcing People To Use It :: First Amazon, Now Walmart? Is Walmart About To Start Taking Crypto? :: The Oppressive Environment US Persons Live Under Is Little Better Than China: Secret ‘Terrorist’ Watch List Leaked & How These Lists Are Used Against Dissidents In The US :: Huawei Backdoor & Further Evidence We Need Source Code For EVERY Piece Of Software If We Are Going To Have A Serious Conversation About Security ::  Similarities Between Tether ‘Bank Fraud’ Case And Crypto6 Case


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