Show One Hundred And Forty Three

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Hundreds Of Compromised Tor Nodes Discovered: But We Always Knew Tor Wasn’t Perfect, Just One Tool In The Arsenal :: Sentinel Thinks NH Independence Is The “Most Startling Proposal” In The N.H. Legislature This Year :: Did Anybody Actually Flinch When Bitcoin Dropped US 9k This Week? :: Facebook Builds ‘Revenge Porn’ Tool To Please Crazy Religious Fanatics Who Are Afraid Of Their Own Naked Bodies :: Yet Another Porn Site Shut Down By ‘Banks’, Thanks To Government Violence & Regulation, And More Crazy Religious Fanatics :: FBI Evidences Government’s Total Inability To Do Anything About Computer Security In Revelation Of Cuban ‘Gang’ Making $43.9 Million From Ransom Payments :: Tor Needs You: Run A Bridge Or Relay: And If You Can’t Do That Use Me As An Example And Donate (Donated $500 This Week)

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  1. Educational and informative. I wasn’t aware of the topics and issues covered in the podcast.

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