Show One Hundred And Fifty One

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Get Your Next US Tax Refund In Crypto? :: Lawsuit Over Facebook Advertising Involving Crypto Scams :: Stop Being Stupid People: Scammer Refuses To Return Investors’ Funds After $750k Rug Pull :: A Real Attack That’s Much Harder To Fend Off: The $5 Wrench Attack Against Crypto :: Las Vegas Mansion For Sale In Crypto :: Fidelity Thinks Bitcoin Is A ‘superior form of money’ :: Court Rules Dutch ISP is Not Required to Forward Piracy Warnings :: EARN It Is Back: Government Wants You To Surrender Your Security, Won’t You Think Of The Children? :: Slackware 15 Released :: Left Wing Extremest Platform GoFundMe Shuts Down Trucker Fundraiser Over False  ‘Violence’ And TOS Violation Claims :: Judge Signs Off On Returning A Limited Right To Speak To Crypto6’s Mr Nobody: Back Doing Nationally Syndicated Radio Free Talk Live :: FBI Fearmongering About China Being Most Severe Threat :: Man Takes Down North Korea Internet After Being Hacked By State :: FBI Admits To Using NSO’s Pegasus Spyware :: El Salvador Stands Up To Bullies: Rejects IMF Call To Drop Bitcoin :: Crazy GDPR Ruling: Europe Outlaws Targeted Advertising :: Right To Repair Folks Not Taking The Optimal Moral Position, But It May Still Be Arguably Libertarian Given Self Defensive Posture Against Copyright Cartels :: Copyright Cartels Want To Hold Cloudflare Liable For Pirate Sites (Round 2: Japan)


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