Show One Hundred And Fifty Six

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Red Hat Halts Operations In Russia  :: Will New Hampshire Be Declaring Independence? Tune In To Find Out How The House Voted :: Arch Linux Turns 20 :: UK Outlaws Bitcoin ATMs :: Did Putin Just End The Petrodollar? :: Brazil Blocks Telegram :: 14% Of El Salvadoran Businesses Have Transacted In BTC :: Australian Regulator Takes Facebook To Court Over Fraudulent Ads :: New Hampshire Approves Yet Another Pro Crypto Law :: Class Action Civil Suit Against Coinbase Alleges Unregulated Securities ::  NPM A Security Nightmare: Malicious Coder Wipes Users Servers :: US Politicians Don’t Believe In Free Speech: They Again Want to Ban It: Publishing Code To Become A Crime: Crypto Code That Is (And End-Users Alike) :: You Thought Censorship Was Only A Problem In Authoritarian Regimes? Canada Just Banned RT :: Think Of The Children Nutjobs Want To Criminalize Lying To Regulators :: Europe Votes NOT To Kill Bitcoin :: Pirate IPTV Service Found Not Guilty :: PrimeWire Frustrates Court By Removing Pirate Links? Wait, What?


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