Show One Hundred And Fifty Nine

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Breaking: Two Of Crypto6 May Be Making Appeasements And Why It’s Actually A Good Thing :: NH Activist Jay Noone Challenges DCYF In Attempted Government Kidnapping Case :: Raspberry Pi OS To Discontinue User Account: Is It More Security Theater Than Not? :: Fedora To Abandon Support For ‘Older’ Computers In Drop Of Legacy Bios :: Persecution Danger: Nigeria Ties SIM Cards To National ID System :: FBI Attempts & Fails At Fraud & Deceit In Governor Kidnapping Case: Two Acquittals Result :: Robinhood Crypto Wallet Claims To Be Integrating Lightning Network: Does The LN Even Really Exist Though?


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