Show One Hundred And Sixty Four

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Software Freedom Conservancy Establishes Users Legal Right To Sue When Companies Violate The GNU GPL :: US Judge Orders Mandatory Nationwide Censorship Filter Be Implemented At All ISPs :: Megaupload Judge Violated Professional Standards: Recused Due To Financial Interest In Outcome Of Case :: Rocky Linux Not So Stable, But Gets $26 Million In Funding :: Russian Oligarchs Paying Crews Of Super Yachts In Crypto :: SEC Launches New Fraud To Deceive Public In Hiring Spree To Fight Cryptocurrency ‘Fraud’ :: Major Patreon Creators Survey Shows Significant Interest In Cryptocurrencies Despite Misleading Headlines :: New York To Outlaw Bitcoin Mining :: Despite Never Having Stepped Foot In The US A Foreign Torrent Site Operator Can Be Sued Here :: Megaupload Defendants See New Organized Crime Charges :: Mikrotik Comes Out Against Its Users And Supports The Largest Criminal Gang In Town :: Crazy State Hate For Crypto: Stablecoins ‘Not Ready’ For Consumer Payments Because 1 Algorithmic Coin Had Major Bug :: Mandated State Sexism Ruled Unconstitutional In California Case Requiring Women On Corporate Boards :: Ransomware Gang Steps It Up A Notch: To Overthrow Costa Rica Government ::  Russia Backs Down: Won’t Cut YouTube Off ::  VPN Providers Threaten To Leave India Over New Data Retention Law :: How Good Are The Developers Behind Your Favorite Crypto? Typo Results In 36 Million Loss :: Facebook Fights Back Against Draconian Left-Wing Extremism In Australian Redistribution Law That Would Force Payments To Copyright Cartels :: Russian Cinema’s Undermining US Sanctions

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