Show One Hundred And Seventy Three

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Major Hearing In Crypto6 Case Covering: Motion To Dismiss Money Transmitter Charges, Prosecutor Objections To ‘Public Authority Defense’, And Motion To Be Made Aware Of The Particular Accusations And Charges :: Renee & Andy Sentenced In Crypto6 Case After Being Coerced Into Plea Deal :: Karen Files Complaints With New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission In Failed Attempt To Get 14 State Reps In Support Of New Hampshire Independence Removed From Office :: Prosecutors In Crypto6 Case Fear Jury Nullification


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One Review

  1. I believe this is a Great, Very Interesting and Informative Podcast episode. I especially appreciated hearing the latest news about The Crypto 6/Duo Case.

    Here are suggestions for improvement:

    1. Allow viewers to watch the Video version on your website at 3x Speed or 2x Speed, etc. [This was a long episode. I Right-Clicked the RSS Feed Link on your website, added it to my Podcast Player of choice: Podcast Addict for Android, and listened to this episode at 3x Speed even though I GREATLY prefer to watch if possible, rather than just listen.]

    2. I could not initially find the desired “Freedom Decrypted,” Christopher Wade”‘ or “Mr. Penguin” using Podcast Addict’s Search function.

    3. There are only 12 Uploads on your Odysee Channel (I am a Follower), and the most recent is 3 years old. Please fix this. At least there I can watch at 2x Speed (I watch Free Talk Live at 2x on Odysee.)

    4. Although I STRONGLY Sipport Non-Government Currencies, Commodities and Assets *in Principle*, I don’t own any such things apart from Gold & Silver at the moment. moment [*cough* Revealed Preference *cough*], and I could not find on you on Patreon :(. If you set up a Patreon Account, I will donate a modest sum on a Monthly basis.

    5. Keep up the good work!



    Do Not Initiate the Use of Force

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