Show One Hundred And Eighty Two

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Major Win For Crypto6: Expert Witness Declared Not An Expert By Judge, Less Than 3 Weeks Till Trial :: CNBC-TV18 Actually Described The FTX Situation Perfectly :: California Warns Users Of Investing In Crypto :: Libertarian Activist Joa Was Assaulted By Republican Candidate For Senate Don Bolduc And Then Arrested By Private Police: Support His Legal Defense Here: :: Indian Judge Thinks It’s Got World-wide Jurisdiction: Orders US, Canadian, and Finland Registrars To Suspend Domain Names :: Treasury Supports Excluding VPNs From Sanctions: Wants Freedom Abroad, But Oppression At Home :: Fedora 37 Released :: Europe Hates Freedom: DSA May Ban Mastodon :: EU Moves To Ban Privacy Coins :: Indian Government To Ban Small Computer Companies In Bid To Stop Piracy :: Australian Government’s Security So Inept It’s Now Focusing On Hacking The Hackers Instead :: New GNU/Linux Encryption Tech Shufflecake Introduces Plausible Deniability :: As Britain’s Economy Goes The Way Of Greases & Crashes It’s Putting New Restrictions On Cashing Out: Limits Crypto Purchases :: Pro-secession State Rep Gets Re-elected Despite Democrat Targeting & Many Reps Thinking Re-election Is Impossible :: Jeremy Kauffman Reacts To Loss In SEC Vs LBRY Case, But Will It Be Appealed ? :: Crypto6 Documentary Fundraiser Ends


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Smaller VP9 Encoded Version Of The Show:


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  1. Hi Chris, could you let us know where our card are?

    1. There were a small number of cards produced. I’ve got those or some percentage anyhow. They were tested a long time ago to Luke’s satisfaction. An OS image ?is? needed for anyone to make use of the cards though. There needs to be some communications between me and Luke probably. I wish this was finished MANY years ago, but it’s mostly been outside my control.

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