Show One Hundred And Eighty Four

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. TSA To Scan Your Face At Airport: Facial Recognition Alert :: Ian Freeman’s Bail Restriction On Use Of Preferred Operating System GNU/Linux Lifted ::  Switzerland To Ban Electric Vehicles :: UK To Only Implement Some Of The Draconian Censorship Rules On Totally Legal Content :: European Central Bank Officials Say Bitcoin Rarely Used For Legal Transactions & On Road To Irrelevance :: Apple Blocks Coinbase Because It Wants More Of Your Dirty Fiat :: Union Leader Releases Manipulative And Half-Truth Coverage On Upcoming Crypot6 Trial :: Live Free & Thrive: 101 Reasons Liberty Lives In New Hampshire Released :: Federal Prosecutors Drop 17 Of 25 Counts Against ‘Kingpin’ Ian In Crypto6 Case :: Crypto6 Lawyer In Crypto6 Argue Against Immunity For Renee Spinella, But Why?: Legal Logic Is Probably Sound :: Crypto6 Case: Judicial Review Need Not Apply: Government Explains Why Immunity For Renee Shouldn’t Be Looked At By Judge :: Crypto6: Government’s Proposed Jury Instructions Are Insane: No Wonder It’s Impossible To Get A Fair Trial In The US :: Crypto6: Government Proposed Witness List Revealed: Find Out Whose On It! :: Are They Pulling A Ross Ulbrich In Crypto6 Case? Judge Refuses To Exclude Evidence Despite Dropped Charges


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