Show One Hundred And Eighty Seven

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Tails 5.8 & Linux Mint 21.1 Released :: UK Businesses Lean About The Dangers Of Software As A Subscription Business Model And My Take On This Government Created Problem :: Reason Magazine Covers Crypto6 Ian Freeman’s Conviction For Merely Helping People Buy Bitcoin :: Fiji Gets A Pro-Bitcoin Prime Minister And Legal Tender Bill Rumored To Be Right Around The Corner :: India Aims To Kill Crypto During Its G20 Presidency Just As It’s Killed It’s Already Dirty Fiat Paper Currency ::  Everyone’s Hunting For An Alternative To The Collapsing US Dollar :: Decentralized YouTube Alternative LBRY Fights Back Against Aggressive Government Thuggery :: Brick & Mortar Businesses Get Their Wish: New Government Spelling Bill Passed Targets Online Retailers & Small Businesses Increasing Costs For Everyone :: Insurance Against Hackers? It’s Not Working, But Is Anyone Actually Surprised? :: ‘Offshore Hosting’ & The Challenges Copyright Cartel Members Face At Extinguishing Any Competition :: File Sharing Service In Europe Refuses To Censor :: The DMCA Is Evil: Company Hijacks Bender Licensed Content: Gets Kicked Off YouTube :: EU Can’t Keep Pirate’s Off Its Servers So Why Should Anyone Else Be Liable? :: MPA Wins Battle With Piracy Giant PrimeWire While Losing The War: Good Operational Security Works To Their Advantage


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