Show One Hundred And Ninety Three

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. NBC Interviews Crypto6 Aria DiMezzo On Documentary :: Trisquel 11 Released And What Makes It Better Than Every Other Distribution :: Principle Embezzles $100k And Blames Scammers Pretending To Friends With Elon Musk :: Government Now Targeting Decentralized Finance: Decentralized Cryptocurrency Markets Threaten U.S. National Security,… :: Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Exchange Shut Down: Probably Government Induced :: The Restrict Act To Criminalized VPN Users With 20 Year Sentences And Million Dollar Fines


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  1. I understand that you’re a supporter of this free movement I also agree with that but when you’re claiming to be reporting factual news events you need to actually report the facts. To say that these charges resulted from the political agenda just isn’t true. Your state the Aria had nothing to do with what Ian was doing it and she was charged for being one of Ian’s close companions. When the fact is that she claims to be the owner of the satanic church in which a large amount of cryptocurrency was funneled or let’s just say laundered through. The same scenario as the church Ian owns. The fact of the matter is that this church was only started for that purpose when you go to a bank as they did and the bank tells you that you cannot open an account doing what you’re doing because it’s considered fraud and money laundering and it’s illegal and you take that information and use it by asking your friends or close acquaintances as you call it to open up account using their names and made up businesses and tell them that they’ll in return receive compensation for doing so they know what they are doing. You know what you’re doing and you know it’s illegal. Let’s just call a duck a duck. Also, because I know you know, aria tell her next time she goes and represents the crypto six to at least have some common decency to wear respectable clothing. She looked ridiculous and she made the crypto six look even worse than they are and I know you’re probably saying we’re all free to do what we want to do to wear what we wanna wear But let’s be honest she went on national TV plead a case and gain support for her, and the crypto six, and she failed to do that, because she didn’t have enough respect or decency to at least dress respectable.

    1. Aww- what are you talking about. I have first hand knowledge of what happened and the charges are directly tied to a political persecution involving at least one federal agent whose been going after Free Staters for over a decade. If you want to know more I’d watch the talk Ian gave at Porcfest in 2022 particularly surrounding FBI agent Phil Christiana who was involved in more than three separate targeted attacks on Ian Freeman in addition to other activists.

      I think you’re twisting what I was saying about Aria and Ian having nothing to do with one another. This is in relation to particular claims by the prosecutor.

      Aria didn’t claim to be the owner of the Reformed Satanic Church. She’s the high priestess of the Reformed Satanic Church. Any monies pertaining to crypto sales were not hers to spend as she wished. They were not the Shire Free Churches either. These were separate churches founded a decade apart from one another.

      The government didn’t claim that either Ian or Aria laundered money. The governments argument was very confusing and hard to follow because it was just batshit insane. They claim that Ian catered to scammers via a terms of service that respected peoples privacy. The logic here is so flawed. If I have a restaurant with restrooms and I respect my customers privacy by having doors on the stall am I then complicit in the crimes of heroin addicts that close the door and shoot up? The governments argument makes zero sense anyway as the church did KYC where even the banks did not and Ian testified that he asked questions like “do you know your husband” to thwart potential victims of scammers. Banks can also claw back funds so it doesn’t even make sense to cater to scammers as the government claimed as the money once clawed back would undermine any for-profit business catering to scammers like that. Ian worked with law enforcement in a few cases where victims were discovered too.

      The Shire Free Church is over a decade old. It wasn’t started to sell crypto or scam people. This is absurd. The church had significant assets long before the government claimed Ian sold Bitcoin. You’re batshit insane if you think someone was planning a fake church to sell crypto years in advance of actually selling crypto.

      Aria’s not catering to statists and agents of the state like you. She’s after those who value freedom and helping bring together other like-minded peaceful folks in one state such that we can fight back against violent thugs like you (not violently, but peacefully). You’re scum. You’re a troll. You are a bigoted violent advocating piece of shit and I hope others see that.

  2. How are there victims if there was no crime? You the prosecutor tried to act like it was a charitable organization taking advantage of people, well last I check a The Satanic Church and the other so called Churches ARE considered charitable organizations. You should at least know what your talking about and report accurate information about the issues your reporting on. You sound uneducated and are just plain inaccurate and completely wrong about the facts of this case. Your so biased by this case you sound ignorant.

    1. There are different victims in this case. There are victims of the feds, so all the Crypto6 who were arrested, and there are victims of the scammers, but the perpetrators of the scams are not that of the Crypto6. The FBI refused to investigate the scammers and were politically targeting primary Ian Freeman and the Free State Project more generally. The Crypto6 had nothing to do with the scams. They had no knowledge of the scams. Every one of the so-called scam victims testified to the fact that the Crypto6 had no relationship with the scammers. Every one of the scam victims were contacted by the Churches to verify that they were NOT being victimized and they partook in their being scammed by lying to the Churches. The churches did know your customer when they were NOT required to according to the lawyers (legal advice was sought years prior to the FBI raids). One scam victim was even laundering money for the scammer in that he was taking in funds from OTHER victims and then passing it onward to the scammers. Unlike the church the scam victim WAS committing money laundering as he was not licensed to do so and WAS (probably) required to be UNLIKE the Churches. Unlike the Church the so-called scam victim in that case KNEW what he was doing and had been informed by banks that he was partaking in money laundering as he said that is why they shut his account down [or something of that nature from what I recall of the trial]. He CONTINUED to work for the scammer.

  3. Chire Free church wasn’t started to funnel crypto currency it was started to accept donation for free staters movement donations, because the only way to receive donations and not pay taxes is to be charitable organization. So basically, it was only started to avoid paying taxes another crime.

    1. That’s neither true nor accurate. The Free State Project has been around a long time than this and is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. It was founded in 2001 although the current incarceration as a legal entity may be a bit less. The FSP inc is a tax-exempt nonprofit educational organization as of 20 July 2009 and all donations are tax-deductible. This is 4 years prior to the Shire Free Churches founding. One only need read the Shire Free Church’s website to discover the churches message and mission. It was founded in 2013 which is years before the church’s crypto outreach efforts started or at least sales thereof. The earliest evidence and the charges put forth of crypto sales date only to 2016.

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