Show Thirty Four

Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: A glitch is breaking all Firefox extensions :: Law enforcement seizes dark web market :: Labels Argue We Don’t Have to Travel to Russia to Sue Stream-Rippers :: Apple Is Telling Lawmakers People Will Hurt Themselves if They Try to Fix iPhones :: Google says it’s reviewed over 1M suspected terrorist videos :: New “Small Claims” Bill Welcomed by Rightsholders, Feared by Copyright Troll Fighters :: Facebook bans Alex Jones & Others :: EFF’s tweet about an overzealous DMCA takedown is now subject to an overzealous takedown :: Putin signs law creating Russian intranet furthering isolation :: Mozilla bans Firefox add-ons with obfuscated code :: NYC undermines free market with new law hindering Lyft :: AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon Sell Your Location Data :: Free Software GNU/Linux Graphics Drivers Work Better As They Age : Warrantless searches of Americans’ data on the rise :: UK retaliates against Julian Assange: Will Spend Year in Prison :: Fedora 30 & Ubuntu 19.04 Released :: Increased Demand For Desktop GNU/Linux Says Shuttleworth :: Coinstar KYC Hurts BitCoin Adoptions :: Proprietary App Outlook Causes Cryptocurrency Losses :: Feds Are Dropping Child Porn Cases Rather Than Admit They Are Manufacturing Fake Evidence To Convict Innocent People :: Game Collection Stolen By Platform Owners Over Use of Hate Speech :: Apple Attempts to Undermine Competition Over Guise Of Regulating Privacy :: G7 Comes Out in Favor of Encryption Backdoors & Censorship :: HOSTS – Chris & Rich


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