Show Thirty Five

Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: Police Target News Site for Reporting on Dark Web :: States Abusing Drivers License Photos For Facial Recognition Program :: Digital Right to Repair Laws Not So Hot :: PayPal to Charge Refund Tax :: Trump Imposes 25% Tax and Says He’s In No Rush to Solve China Trade War :: You’ve Heard of Traffic Court, Well, Get Ready for Copyright Court :: DuckDuckGo Pushing New Violent Thugish Do-Not-Track Law :: Patent Bill To Eliminate New & Innovative Requirements :: Judge Says IP-Address Can’t Locate or Identify Pirates :: Congressman Calls for Outlawing Cryptocurrencies :: Chelsea Manning Has Been Released From Jail After Refusing To Testify Against Wikileaks Julian Assange :: U.S. Retaliating Against Leaker Who Revealed US War Crimes :: Facebook Bitcoin Ban Partly Over :: HOSTS – Chris & Rich


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