Show Thirty Six

Freedom Decrypted is a weekly tech show with a freedom slant. Topics: South Korean government planning Linux migration :: Yes, Bitcoin is Back, Again: hits $8,000 :: Goodbye, Shadowman: Red Hat changes its logo :: Man fined £90 under the catch all guise of ‘disorderly conduct’ for refusing police public facial recognition on street :: Canadian Parliamentary Report Proposes Tough Copyright Measures (owned by the cartel) :: Chelsea Manning Stands Her Ground a 2nd time : refuses to testify against Assange:: Aussie Music Industry Wins First Ever Stream-Ripping Site Blocks :: Trump administration hits China’s Huawei with one-two punch :: Trump supporting free speech? What? Will not sign Christchurch call against online extremism :: Japan to ban flying drones while drunk :: RIAA Obtains Subpoena to Unmask YouTube-Ripping Site Operator :: Adobe Creative Cloud is turning into a big legal mess :: Namecheap Must Identify Registrant  :: Customers Can Spend Bitcoin At Starbucks : for real or are they deceiving us? :: BinaryAST promises dramatically faster JavaScript apps, but at what price? :: Are these people for real? Treat Facebook Like Big Tobacco :: Google uses Gmail to track a history of things you buy :: Rightscorp going out of business? Stock Worthless, Website Gone :: HOSTS – Chris & Rich


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