Show Forty Five

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Nobody (new co-host). Show topics: KDE & GNOME Think Linux Desktop Failed Because Of Software??? :: Linux Mint 19.2 Released :: Gov Deploying Mass Surveillance Balloons :: Tech Firms MUST Add Backdoors :: Hypocritical Gov Gang Steals To Fund Amazon Cameras to Stop Amazon Package Thieves :: Land Lords & Property Owners to Be Held Liable For Residences Piracy Habits :: Facebook to backdoor it’s “end-to-end” encrypted app: WhatsApp? :: Non-profit Aereo 2.0 Gets Sued :: Socialists Demand Single Entity To Censor All Tech :: Floppy Drives No More: Linux discontinues support sort of :: US Files Lawsuit Against Bitcoin Exchange :: US Gover Undermines its Own Interests by Forcing China To Develop Self-Sufficiency By Developing Tech :: “Small Claims Bill” Move Forward :: YouTuber Union?

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  1. I am looking for a very simple laptop for writing–that cannot connect to the internet (no connection OR external modem (where it can be physically disconnected and rendered incapable of connecting to the internet).

    Would you have any recommendations?

    1. I’m not entirely sure I follow your use case. Any system can have a USB ethernet adapter connected to it pretty much even if it doesn’t have wifi or ethernet built in. However if you simply don’t want to connect to the internet for security reasons you probably just want to get a laptop without a wifi/bluetooth card. Although it might be a little more complicated as some of these components can be built into the systems and are not removable now. As I’m the co-host of the show I can see your email and so I’ll send you an email if you would like to follow up.

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