Show Forty Six

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Show topics: OTR developer arrested in Ecuador :: Persecuted Defense Distributed & 3D Printed Gun Activist Cody Wilson Pleads Guilty to Non-Sex Offense, Yet Despite That Arbitrarily Forces Sex Offender Registration :: Gets Banned in China and Russia :: Trump Advocates Passage of Thoughtcrime Laws to Stop Mass Shooters :: Brian Fagioli of Betanews Thinks Linux Journal Dead Because Linux Users Cheap Despite Contradicting Evidence :: Copyright Cartel Attack Fortnite 14-Year-Old-Kid in Lawsuit For Speech :: Fed Reacts To Cryptocurrency Popularity By Announcing Competition in ‘Like’ 5 Years :: BitPay Forces Buyers to Do KYC Like ID-verification for purchases over $3,000 :: Is Snap/Flatpack The Key To Mass Adoption Of Linux on The Desktop? :: Amazon Coaching Cops On How to Coerce Users To Get Around Warrant Requirements For Its Big Brother Mass Surveillance System :: Turkey Moves to Control Entire Net In Country :: 8chan Goes Dark :: Copyright Cartels Look to Trade Agreements to Bypass the Lack of Public Support For Censorship :: Trump to Launch Crackdown on Violent Video Games :: Will Cloudflare Kicking 8chan Undermine Pirate Sites? :: 8chan Founder Advocates To Shut Site Down (post-selling it to another) :: Closed Development Of WiFi Standard Undermines WPA3 (new security issues) :: Charter Says Fast Internet Speeds Not Just For Pirates (duhh).


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