Censorship Series: Aria DiMezzo

Have you ever wondered how the government oppresses those it doesn’t like? I’ve invited anarcho capitalist Aria DiMezzo onto the show to talk crypto and just how the government utilizes the financial banking system to oppress groups it doesn’t like. From drug dealers and sex workers to those in the business of selling freedom and privacy (cryptocurrencies). Aria DiMezzo is the leading seller of crypto on the infamously uncooperative libertarian run local.bitcoin.com trading platform. Aria also co-hosts a nationally syndicated libertarian talk radio show called Free Talk Live. Because of her beliefs she has been kicked off and banned from numerous banks and other government regulated financial platforms such as Paypal and Google Pay.  Besides being kicked from the banking system Aria has faced more direct censorship over her views as a transgendered women on various platforms such as Facebook and Twitch.


Smaller VP9 version of the segment:


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