Show Seventy One

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris. DOJ is trying to suspend constitution in name of safety over corona :: Russia’s new crypto ban :: exFat support added to kernel :: China goes GNU/Linux to save its tech industry and national security :: The gathering: risk of death is a poor excuse to sacrifice freedom and threaten violence :: DNA collection: Not concerned about the rights of sex offenders? It’s your turn now! :: Is “price gouging” actually a good thing? :: ‘Nobody’ thinks we should smoke more weed during the pandemic :: San Francisco businesses violate ban on declining cash :: States not liable for copyright infringement :: Dangers of stock router firmware: “Hackers” Hijack DNS :: Why I have no pity for contract workers who didn’t prepare and now demand ‘sick leave’ :: Source code released for contact-tracing app :: AMD GPU source code leaks :: Judge attacks Telegram over crypto :: Copyright troll tried to use ‘liking’ a movie as evidence of piracy :: Mozilla introduces scroll to help publishers profit :: ACLU-NH: Court agrees illegal stops are illegal! :: South Korea has the answer to the cornavirus :: Robot scare isn’t real : Your job is probably safe for now :: Freedom goes bye-bye: anti-vacine speech to be criminalized :: Did the US government just create a cryptocurrency? :: Dark Bugs Bunny Parody Enrages Warner Brothers :: Why governments threatening violence on people and business is counter productive to diminishing the cornavirus threat :: How the darknet is good for us during the virus outbreak

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