Show Seventy Two

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Hungary’s new dictator :: Dark web hosting provider hacked :: Universal basic income follies :: Libertarians win the war on freedom?: regulation lifted that hinder new facemask sterilization tech :: NH activists fight for freedom by holding protest in violation of unconscionable gov order :: Philippine president orders cops to murder social distancing violators :: Are the copyright cartels serious? Royalties demanded from car rental companies :: Trump demonstrates why some critical industries desirable for countries via theft of N95 masks :: Ankle monitors for coronavirus “suspects” :: ‘Call of Duty’ victorious in first amendment Humvee case :: One world view: EU justice demands censorship over coronavirus :: Russia forgets it’s a democracy : new tracking app mandated :: The good, the bad, the ugly: warrant requirement for facial recognition bill passes :: OpenWRT code execution vulnerability: are you at risk? :: Linux Mint drops support for 32bit :: under fire for “piracy” :: Zoom redefines end-to-end encryption for marketing purposes :: PPP daemon flaw puts GNU/Linux users at risk :: The left takes advantage on prohibition on protests to pass anti-gun bill :: Twitter now censoring even presidents :: Should the internet be a public utility? The math says no :: Why DMCA is a one way-game for the copyright cartels


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