Show Seventy Five

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. Ubuntu 20.04 Released With Support for Wireguard, ExFat, ZFS & Major New Security Updates Commitment: 30,000 Apps :: New Free Software Friendly NVIDIA Graphics Card? :: YouTube Ripping Site Fights Lopsided Case & Loses :: City Of Keene Passes Ordinance To Stop 5G Deployment Over Health Fearmongering Despite Not Having The Legal Authority :: Reducing Jail Population Would Reduce COVID-19 Deaths For All Significantly :: Twitter Justifies Censorship Over Conspiracy Non-sense :: End-to-End Encryption Ban via EARN IT Act Spurs Encrypted Messaging Blockchain App :: Facebook Gives Into Vietnam “anti-government” Censorship Demands :: Ripple In Bed With Government : Demands YouTube Pull Scam Videos :: Despite Lacking Copyright Angle Linkvertise Demands Universal Bypass Shut Down Over Circumventing Business Model :: Author “Wins” $9k In Ebook Piracy Case Despite Technically Losing $180k :: China Eclipsing The United States With New Digital Currency :: Judge Excuses Rights Violation And Permits Arbitrary Detainment Over COVID-19 :: Another Women Charged With Protesting: How The Authoritarian State Is Born  :: Facebook Censorship : Bans Civil Disobedience :: Dozens Of Australian Politicians Learn About Copyright After Blatantly Violating Copyright Law :: Russia Uses Copyright Infringement To Justify Censorship Of Opposition In Authoritarian Regime :: People Lose Right To Hold Government Accountable In Twitter Denial Of National Security Reporting Case :: Australia To Force Facebook, Google, And Others To Pay Up For Linking To News Content :: Charter Loses Case To Dismiss Vicarious Piracy Liability Claims


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