Show Seventy Six

Freedom Decrypted is a freedom slanted tech show for prickly people. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. Fedora 32 Released :: Supreme Court Finally Gets To Atrocious 1986 Hacking Law :: Supreme Court Rules Laws Can’t Be Copyright’d :: Italy To Block Telegram? :: The Stop Online Piracy Act Returns: Now Threatens Journalists :: Automatic Number Plate Recognition System Database Leak Evidences Why License Plates Should Be Done Away With :: Petnet Fail Demonstrates Why People Should Avoid Proprietary Cloud Dependent Smart Devices :: How Lenovo & Almost Every ‘Linux’ PC Maker Is Taking Advantage Of Community :: Disney Claims They Own Your Tweets :: Watch Tower Sues Critical Journalists For Millions In Abuse Of Copyright Case :: Authoritarians In Canada Ban “Assault-Style” Weapons :: Cops & Statists Misrepresent Video Of Women Being Verbally Attacked By Police As Having “Coughed On” Cops Despite Video Evidencing Otherwise :: ICANN Halts Sale Of .org Registry :: Amazon Now A Notorious Market: Just Like Pirate Sites :: Patent Troll Shakes Down Wikipedia :: Anti-piracy Lawyer Uses Legal System In Attempt To Blackmail Popcorn Time :: Germany Gives Up On Privacy Invasive COVID-19 App Due To Apple :: So Much For HIPPA: NH Government Abusing Health Data Reporting COVID-19 Patients To Police :: Censorship Coming To The US? MPAA Doubles Down On Site Blocking In US

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