Censorship Series: Duke Leto

We bring you an interview with the privacy weirdo and crypto developer Duke Leto on financial privacy. We met up with Duke at the leading liberty festival of 2020, Forkfest, held in the beautiful white mountains of northern New Hampshire. Duke is a contributor to Bitcoin Core and ZCash cryptocurrency. A free software developer of 20 years Duke currently works on a privacy friendly cryptocurrency and chat app called Hush. We asked him some hard questions about a whitepaper on Zcash flaws he discovered to his thoughts on WireGuard. When it comes to securing your financial privacy and retaining control securing your computer requires a good amount of thought on a variety of issues from software bloat to operating systems. We talked about attack surfaces in bloated apps and securing your system with Tails and other hardened operating systems. Finally finishing up with why if you think like us, and cherish liberty, you should migrate to the shire.

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