Show Eighty Seven

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Fedilab Controversy: Google To Take Down The Internet Over Hate Speech :: HBO DRM ‘Linux issue’ Not Actually A GNU/Linux Issue :: Copyright Cartels Hire Expert To Mislead Court Over VPN Privacy :: Ziggo and XS4ALL ISP Face Down Copyright Cartel In Unblocking Pirate Sites :: Secret Service Buying Location Data To Get Around Law :: Limewire’s Back Sort Of :: Gov Reveals ‘Terrorists’ Finally Figure Out Crypto :: It’s Not Just China Committing Corporate Espionage: Homeland Security To Copy Your Data At Border :: Disney Hasn’t Forgotten About Judgment In 2010 Pirate Megavideo Indexing Site Case :: Another Reason Not To Install Proprietary Software: U.S. Government Contractor Embedding Malicious GPS Tracking Into Apps :: Hush Cryptocurrency Safe Against 51% Attack That Bleeds More Than $5M From Ethereum Classic :: FBI Issues Warning Over The Dangers Of Running MS Windows :: Judge Calls Claim Of ISP Profit In Piracy Case A Sort Of ‘Dog-Whistle’ Theory :: YouTube Rippers Going To Supreme Court Over Jurisdiction Issues :: Internet Archive Legally Protected By Fair Use Library Exception :: Drug Dealers Using Fake Businesses To Accept Credit Cards :: US Takes Down Bitcoin ATM Operation


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