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Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Snowden Was Right: Court Finally Rules Mass Surveillance Illegal :: Twitter Suspends Account Of Poster That Reveals New Backdoor In x86 PCs :: Are Right To Repair Advocates Sexual Predators? :: Violent Video Games Lead To Violent Behavior Fraud :: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Service Pack 2 Released  :: GNUCash 4.0 Released :: Cringe Worthy FSF Video: The University of Costumed Heroes :: Is Let’s Encrypt A Bad Idea? :: DIY Coronavirus :: AT&T Forcing Phone Upgrade :: Custodial Crypto WTF :: Nanny State UK Passing Another Censorship Law To Protect The Kids (Coronavirus) :: Japan Turning Twitter Users Into Criminals :: Hosting Providers NOT Liable For Pirate Sites Court Rules :: DHS Freaks Out: Masks Are Undermining Facial Recognition :: VPN’s Don’t Offer Perfect Protections Users Discover :: FBI Side Steps Constitution(s): Buys Travel Data For Worldwide Surveillance :: Privacy Advocates Concerned About Tool That Unmasks Child Porn :: Non-violent ‘Crying NAZI’ Christopher Cantwell A Victim Of Government Abuse :: ISP Bright House Doesn’t Directly Profit From Pirating Subscribers Court Rules :: Backdoors Found In 29 FTTH Devices


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Smaller VP9 Encoded Version Of The Show:



Video credits:

The University of Costumed Heroes by the Free Software Foundation
LENGTH: 02:33
STORY: Douglas J. Eboch
ANIMATOR: Zygis Luksas

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  1. Hi, I really really like your show, and I would like to suggest a few improvements to audio:

    – I listen to 30+ podcast, and yours always has the lowest volume. It would be awesome if you could increase it to meet the average volume level.
    – When you play an external video (beside the Free Keene ad), the volume is significantly higher than when you speak, and it could blast some ears.
    – Also, when you have a co-host, usually the guest has a lower volume, and it is difficult to hear both unless I increase the volume too much that it hurts my ears when the louder one speaks.

    The rest of the show is 10/10.

    1. Yea, these are issues that have existed since day one and I’ve tried to fix them. At some point I’ll bring somebody in to figure it out or spend some more time and see if I can’t get it resolved.

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