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Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. US Treasury Attacks Users Of Self Hosted “Non-Custodial” Wallets (Real Wallets) :: Right Wing Religious Moral Grandstanders Lie About Child Abuse Material To Attack Pornography And Pornhub :: New Law: No More Modem Rental Fees :: Mozilla & Others Undermining Kazakhstan Web Censorship Efforts :: Cryptocurrency Exchange Coinbase Announces IPO As Bitcoin Surges Past $20,000 :: BREIN Attacks Proxy & Half Succeeds At Censoring Pirate Bay :: Trump To Pardon Ross Ulbricht Founder Of Infamous Silk Road? ::  Freedom To Share Orchestrates Counterattack On Copyright Cartels In Defense Of Freedom & Right To Think


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  1. Mumble Fact
    you need to look at both sides to argue
    do some homework
    child abuse is very real especially when young adults minds are not devolved, read some science
    15 year olds are not adults or read to make adult decsictoin that will change their lives forever in major ways and runaways male and fefale are in life and death sistionations I know and if you go to any recovery meeting like AA you’ll here first hand stories that would make you puke and you claim you never looked at porn that my show you child porn. It there and easier than ever to find I was shocked in mid 2020
    You don’t nee to specify child to see this sick shit.

    Your not a lawyer – shut up!!! about extreme legal opinions no @ss talk plaese
    elbows everyone has one
    poor white male abuse is a weak position for poor me.
    I reported it to porn hub, as my skin crawled
    why don’t you talk about child labor in hand with human trafficking.

    the q movement has grabbed a silver of truth the wealthy are able to get away with anything EPSTEIN in the tip of the iceberg

    also organized crime in the usa tatoo child products if you spoke of both sides you would do a good job.
    International orginized crime if you reported it would get you killed probably if you had the grit to report it and track them down as law enforcment has a shoestring budge for. some countries are espailly well known
    also watch the
    quit guess what you clearly know there a guy who is the one who started pornhub by a happy accident read the story or better tell it because you surly know the story already ><
    I be wouldn't surpised if your are a friend of the guy who started porn hub, it's a small world.

    1. Yea, we should probably just put up a warning that emotional wrecks not watch the show. Facebook has more of this nasty stuff than Pornhub. Read the reason piece and you’ll maybe… if your not insane… understand this position. Cause if we follow the rightwing religious nutjobs that are known to be behind this you will have to ban Facebook, YouTube, and more. And no we shouldn’t ban Facebook. I detest Facebook, but there is one thing that is essential for a free society- the decision to make decisions for oneself and not be hindered when posting or publishing or speaking. At the end of the day no violence- no crime. Stop being distracted by propaganda outlets profiting from scaring people over child porn and make the government go after ACTUAL predators rather than sickos on the internet. The statistics are probably millions to 1. Should we lock up all men who look at porn because some will commit rape? That’s the problem with these sorts of laws. You just end up HURTING the children you are trying to protect. There are more young people on sex offender lists than there are violent perpetrators… think about that for a moment and tell me how that hell that is suppose to be justified? Make cops actually do there job for once and investigate crime rather than just making it look like there doing something while really just locking up the people they’re suppose to be protecting.

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