Show One Hundred And One

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. FBI On The Attack Against VPN Providers :: NY Suspends Disturbing Facial Recognition Technology Used In Schools :: More Smart TVs May Be Shipping With Backdoors :: Socialists Are Being Led By Oracle’s Hidden Hand Against Google: Bloomburg Reveals The Real Reason Google’s Antitrust Lawsuits Are Happening :: Russian Passes Yet Another Censorship Bill To Intranet Itself— And Stifle Dissent :: Nutjob Religious Groups Behind Attack On Pornhub And They Want To Ban All Porn: Visa Continues Pornhub Ban In Spite Of Deleting All Unverified Material, What’s Next All Of Facebook? (There Is EVEN MORE There) :: SEC Is On The Attack: Ripple May Be Evil- But It’s None Of The Government’s Business :: EFF And Other Pro-freedom Groups Think DMCA 2.0 Outrageous: Censorship Filters, End Of Due Process, Not That It Really Existed & More :: Leaks Reveal How Nintendo Conducts Invasive Surveillance Against Hackers :: EU Denies Copyright Troll Access To Info To ID Subscribers Accused Of Piracy

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