Show One Hundred And Two

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr. Penguin. Streaming Law Passes: Streaming Freedom Decrypted Is Now A Felony :: Telling A Cop To Fuck Off Is Your Right Court Rules & Allows Lawsuit Against Abusive Cop To Continue :: Here Is A New One: So Called Girls Do Porn ‘Victims’ Exploiting Content Producers And Others Over Contract Violation For Millions :: US Mandates License Plates For Drones :: The Danger Of “Smart” Devices Is Their Users Are Stupid: Google Shuts Down ‘Cloud’ Print Servers Stranding Users In The Cold :: Apple’s Censors Party App & How Freedom Loving Free State Participants Dealt With Organizing A Party Independent Of Apple & Other Centralized Tools: “QUARANKEENE Space Disco” :: ‘Free Speech Advocates Are Sad And Pathetic’: Newfields’ Bans Protests Despite Being ‘Clearly Unconstitutional’ & How Cops/Politicians Manipulate The Law & You :: Govenor Chris Sununu Scared Of 8-Year Old And Peaceful Vigil Attendees Suggesting Non-violent Protesters Are Violent Sneaky Trespassing Threats To his Family: Watch The Video And You Decide :: Russell Okung NFL Player Paid Multi Million Dollar Salary In Bitcoin :: Congress Critters Are Trying To Ban Shell Corporations :: Drones Will Be Flying Over Your Head Soon? Are You Afraid Yet! Find Out About The FUD And So-Called Safety Excuses Governments Using To Track Everyone & Thing :: Sake Of The Children Nut Jobs Pass Law Attacking E-Cigarettes :: UK Police Abuse Fraud Laws To Threaten Business Owners And Pump Up Cartel Power: Threaten’s YouTube Ripper With Potential Criminal Action :: YouTube-DL Case Helps Mp3 Ripper :: UK Politicians Hate The Free Market: They’re Trying To Make Reselling Goods You Legitimately Bought Illegal :: Politicians Bought And Owned By Copyright Cartel The RIAA Complains About Twitter Refusing To Cooperate In Its Own Abuse :: Yet Another Company Exiting A Socialist Shit Hole: Facebook Moves UK Users To California Operation Over Unworkable Laws ::  More Draconian Copyright Legislation Coming Soon To The EU And You Better Appreciate They Didn’t Oppress Your Freedom Even More

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  1. I know two people that were infected and got better and one other person who is currently sick with it. My father knows some people who has even died from it.

    1. Interesting. Yea, it seems like not many people have been infected, which probably aligns with the statistics, nor have many died. It takes a bit of effort to find people who are sick, and you’re probably the first person I’ve heard that has heard of someone whose died.

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