Show One Hundred And Three

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Left Wing Extremists In Silicon Valley @ PayPal & Shopify Use Corporate Power To Suspend Accounts Of Those Selling Trump Merchandise :: It’s Not Jump Conservatives And Supporters Of Violence Getting Banned: Left Wing Extremists Using Fabricated Insurrection Claims And Violence In Conspiracy To Ban Anybody That Doesn’t Agree With Them :: It’s Not Just The Left Adopting This Ban Tactic: Copyright Cartels Get Sci-Hub Founder Banned From Twitter :: It’s Finally Happened: EU Suspends Domain Names Of UK Citizens :: US Says It Won’t React To Economic Discrimination Against American Companies In New Digital Tax :: Cryptocurrencies Hit Record 1 Trillion Dollars As Bitcoin Reaches $40,000+ :: ShapeShift’s Fighting Back: Defies US Government Gang’s KYC Rules :: It’s Happened: Singapore Is Using COVID-19 App Tracking Data To Target Civilians In ‘Criminal’ Cases :: Qt Backlash: There Is A Bright Side For Free Software Advocates In Qt Going Proprietary :: Secret Police List Reveals Targeting Of Children With Poor Grades Labeling And Likely Creating Criminals Before Ever Having Committed A Crime :: A Surprising If Sneaky New Bill Found In ‘Must Pass’ And Passed Military Spending Legislation Benefits Protesters: Federal Agents Must Now Identify Themselves

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