Show One Hundred And Five

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & TJ The Spy. * Watch The Video *. FBI Claims Distributing Child Porn Hurts Children, FBI Distributes Child Porn, Activist & Nationally Syndicated Radio Show Free Talk Live Co-host Criticizes FBI For Hurting Children, FBI Raids Studio In Retaliation Two Weeks Later: 5 Years Later TJ Releases Video Of Retaliatory Raid And Is Likely The First Person In History To Receive Back A Computer Supposedly Containing Child Porn (But Didn’t, More Evidence Government, FBI, etc Are Just Another Gang Of Liars & Thieves) :: Copyright Cartel Denies RCN Claim Of Injury As The Copyright Cartel’s Bought & Paid For Law Doesn’t Offer Remedy To ISP’s Victimized By Copyright Cartel Fraud :: As Treasury Nominee Yellen Looks To Kill Off Cryptocurrency New Hampshire’s Ex Governor Maggie Hassan Appears To Call Out Libertarians As Terrorists And Criminal Actors :: Is Redhat Dead? Users Abandoning Ship In Droves After Redhat Shuts Down CentOS :: Don’t Leak A Zoom Meeting : Watermarking Revealed :: Dangers Of Using Big Tech: Competitor Of Mail Chimp Shuts Down Conservative Newsletter & Better Solutions Like Mail Train :: Brave Browser Integrates Decentralization Tech IPFS :: Wine 6.0 Released : Does Anybody Really Need It Now That It Works? :: Dangers Of Having A Bank Account & One Activists Crypto Solution: Government Retaliates Against Activist Fighting Government By Seizing Bank Assets :: Parlor Returns


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Smaller VP9 Encoded Version Of The Show:


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