Show One Hundred And Six

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & Mr Penguin. Google Suspends Element In The Play Store :: Google Gives Up Fight Against Extremist French Government And Paying Newspapers: Agrees To Pay Copyright Cartels After Accusation Of Monopoly And Unfair Business Practice Accusation :: Pro-Censorship Extremist Ron Guilmette Succeeds In Getting DDoS-Guard IP Range Stolen Over Free Speech Platform Parler Attack :: Monopoly A vs Monopoly B: Google Threatens To Block Australians From Net Over Socialists Agenda To Force Company To Pay To Sustain Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp :: Court Orders GoDaddy To Censor And Turns GoDaddy And Others Into Arbiter Of What Constitutes A “Variant Or Successor” Domain Name :: Kazakhstan’s Government Orders Interception Of HTTPS Traffic In Man-In-Middle Attack :: Feds Threaten Public Who Dare To Use Amateur Radio In Protest At Inauguration :: Intel Releases New Graphics Card, But Will It Be Freedom Friendly? :: EU Pushes To End End-To-End Encryption AGAIN :: Biden Continues The New Tradition Of Censoring Of Terminology Unfavorable To Current Political Regime :: Biden’s Regime Comes Out Against Section 230 Protection, Are Democrats and Republicans Really Any Different? This Suggests Not :: Miami Gets Desperate In Attempt To Attract Crypto People, But Fails To Understand Why People Like It: Hint: It’s Freedom :: ‘Victim Centered’ Justice Is Another Way Of Saying Prove Your Innocent When It’s Rarely Possible :: EU Lawmakers ‘Invite’ Tech Executives To Hostile Hearing Looking To Regulate And Censor Everyone Further :: Udemy Uses DMCA To Censor Creator Who Teaches How To Legally Obtain Free Service :: Team-Xecuter Defendant Is A “Flight Risk” & The Bullshit & Tactics Governments Use To Deprive It’s Victims Of Rights Like Defending Oneself From False Charges :: SOPA Is Back: Try 10291.3 :: Non-Profit VPN Service Bullied Into Censoring By Copyright Cartel

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