Show One Hundred And Seven

Freedom Decrypted Is A Freedom Slanted Tech Show For Prickly People. HOSTS – Chris & El Stone. Will Rocky Linux Replace The Now Defunct CentOS? :: Congress Critters Threaten Violence On Major Tech Companies Adopting Encryption :: This Is Huge: Supreme Court Rejects Qualified Immunity Defense :: Nevada Tech Bill Would Allow Companies To Form Governments :: Myanmar Blocks Facebook As Resistance Grows To Coup :: Dangers Of A Duopoly In the App Space: Pakistan Forces Apple & Google To Censor Apps Made By Persecuted Religious Minority :: Western Styled Democracies Can Be Just As Authoritarian And Evil As Dictatorships: India Restores Internet Access After 18 Months :: Anti-American  US Senator’s Mark Warner, Mazie Hirono and Amy Klobuchar Advocate For Forcing Companies To Censor :: Will We Finally Have The Evidence That Copyright Is A Bogus System To Funding Artists? SoundCloud Introduces New Tipping System ::  WikiLeaks Censored By Facebook Over ‘Community Standards’ Violation :: Right Alliance Threatens Violence On BitTorrent Users :: Copyright Cartels Should Sue In Russia YouTube Rippers Suggest :: Just Crazy: Government Publishes Browser To Re-enable Flash Upload Applet Rather Than Move To HTML Upload Code

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